Winner of the 2012 NexTV Writing & Pitch Competition!

On the morning of September Third our world is forever changed. How we know it's name is a mystery but, it's on everyone's lips: Dionysus. The new, purple moon looms brightly in clear view. Some of us are called, some of us are Chosen.

Mike, Leo and Charlie are only sixteen years old. Yesterday, they were children playing, but today they're called to save the world. Dionysus, temporally shut downs our electrical grid, and attacks. The battle is global, and those selected are ripped away from wherever they stand. Watch their trials and tribulations, once transported onto the alien orb and enslaved by a Cyborg Army.

Experience Earth, from those left behind in a compromised new-world. We come together to watch and wait as our boys are transformed into supernatural gladiators. They are being prepared for an event, two revolutions around our sun. We hold on - on edge.

Survive Dionysus: Survive Earth.